Mortimer Goth is a main character of the Sims 2 Youtube series Pleasant View. He is a resident of the fictional town Pleasant View. He has a wife, Bella. A daughter, Cassandra and a son, Alexander. He was engaged to Dina

Caliente until his wife returned and they got re-married. Mortimer is considerd the richest man in Pleasant View.

Mortimer currently lives with his wife, Bella. His son, Alexander and his daughter, Cassandra. He will be returning as a main character in season 2.


Mortimer was happily married to his wife Bella. They had two children, Cassandra came first. Then their son, Alexander. Bella was on a date with Don Lothario when she was abducted by aliens. Mortimer was devestated and even stopped celebrating Christmas. In "Episode 6" Dina asked Mortimer to marry her so she could get his money. He was unaware of her intentions so he said yes as he was lonely. In "Episode 9" Dina's sister Nina returned from searching for Bella in Strangetown. Whenever anybody asked where Bella was Nina allways answers with "I'll leave that for the ceremony." Mortimer and the guests were ready for Dina to walk down the isle. Instead walks down Bella. They got re-married but because the aliens stolen Bella's youth when they kissed Bella turned into an old woman.

In "Episode 2 (Season 2)", Mortimer and Bella are settiling into marriage fine until Jeniffer Jones (a supposed alien) comes to Pleasant View and scares Bella stiff. Mortimer leaves for Lilith's funeral without her.


  • Cassandra Goth - Daughter
  • Alexander Goth - Son


  • Bella Goth - Wife
  • Dina Caliente - Ex-Fiance