The ProposalEdit

Darren finally plucks up the courage to ask Cassandra to be his girlfriend, Nina has gone on the run to Strangetown in search of Bella Goth and Dina's sneaky Mortimer plan goes into fruition when she proposes at dinner and he says yes!

Season: 1 Episode: 6

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Overall Episode Number: 6

First Aired: Jan 1, 2012

Featuring: Darren Dreamer, Cassandra Goth, Dina Caliente, Mortimer Goth, Nina Caliente

Guest Starring:

Director: Jordan Spittle

Assistant Director: Jack Spittle

Writers: Jordan Spittle, Jack Spittle

Music: Don't You Want Me? by Human Leauge, You Got The Love by Florence + The Machine

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  • This is the first episode of 2012.


Pleasant View Episode 6 Promo

Pleasant View Episode 6 Promo

Episode 6 Promo

Pleasant View Episode 6

Pleasant View Episode 6

Episode 6