Don Lothario is a main character of of the Sims 2 series Pleasant View. He is currently engaged to Dina Caliente and was engaged to Cassandra Goth and in a relationship with Nina Caliente and Bella Goth. He is a resident of the fictional town Pleasant View, he is cunning, charming and smooth with the ladies but inside he is a very depressed scared little boy who has'nt got a very strong heart when it comes to being in a comited relationship with a woman.

He lived on his own in Pleasant View. Until he got engaged to Dina Caliente and now has moved away to an unknown place and will not be returning as a main character for season 2.



Nothing at all is known about Don's past. He was engaged to Cassandra Goth, but in "Episode 1" Don was caught sleeping with Dina Caliente and Cassandra called the wedding off. In "Episode 3" Don was in a more solid relationship with Dina. Don was accused of being the cause of Bella Goth's dissaperance Nina wanted to help, instead they ended up having sex. Don then confessed that the dissaperance was partly his fault and she was abducted by aliens on his roof on a date. In "Episode 5" Don found out that Dina was there when Don and Nina spent the night together. Dina wen't to find Nina but she found that Nina ran away to Strangetown in search of Bella Goth. In "Episode 9" Dina came to Don's house after the wedding, she says that Bella Goth is back. They both seem to want to be together, so Don proposes. Dina says yes.


  • Dina Caliente (Fiance)


  • Nina Caliente (Ex girlfriend)
  • Cassandra Goth (Ex fiance)
  • Bella Goth (Ex girlfriend)
  • Random Prostitue (Ex lover)