Dirk Dreamer is one of the main characters of the Sims 2 Youtube series Pleasant View. He is a 16 year old high school student living in the fictional town of Pleasant View. He is a confident, cocky teenager on the outside. But inside he is a scared young boy who sometimes struggles with coming to terms with things.


Dirk lives with his father Darren Dreamer, his mother Darleen died when he was a young child and now his dad is in a relationship with Cassandra Goth. He was in a relationship with Lilith Pleasant. He shared his first time with her. Until she found out she was pregnant. It is still unknown wether or not the baby is Dirk's due to the colour of his skin but it will be revealed later on in the second season of the show. He has a place at Simvard University and he has a crush on Lilith's twin sister Angela.


Little is known about Dirk's past. He seems to of lived with his father Darren and his mother Darleen for quite a few years until Darleen died. After Darleen died, his father made it so they wouldn't celebrate Christmas without Darleen being there. But in "Episode 5" Dirk conviced Darren to celebrate Christmas, because that's what his mother would have wanted. Later on he fell in love with Lilith Pleasant who goes to his high school. Her sister Angela goes out with Dirk's best friend Dustin Broke. In "Episode 2" Dirk and Lilith shared their first time together. It wasn't until "Episode 4" Lilith broke up with Dirk because she found out she was pregnant. In Episode 8 Dirk announced he was accepted into Simvard University. Lilith also publicly announced that she was pregnant. Lilith was only six months gone but she attempted suicide by cutting herself and they doctors had to force the baby out. The baby was a boy but the baby was also white, Dirk is black and Lilith is white so the baby should of been mixed race. Could this mean the baby is'nt Dirk's?


  • Darren Dreamer - Father
  • Darleen Dreamer - Mother (Desceased)
  • Cassandra Goth - Step Mother
  • Baby Boy - Son


  • Lilith Pleasant - Ex Girfriend
  • Angela Pleasant - Crush
  • Dustin Broke - Best Friend